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YT Series Six-color Flexography Printing Machine
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FX-B Gravure Printing Machine
FX-B Gravure Printing Machine

Gravure Printing Machine Use:
This machine is used for BOPP,PET,PVC,PE Rolling Paper etc with good printing performance of rolling material for multi-color continuous printing.
Gravure Printing Machine Feature:
1.360-degree printing plate aligning device ,easy operation.
2.Dual-drying tunnel farinfrared fire tube heating system.
3.Magnetic powder brake control for unreeling tension system, reeling with moment motor.
4.Reeling in and unreeling at dual stations,semi-automatic material change without machine halt.
5.One-off printing on both sides.

Model FX-B-800/8 FX-B-1100/8 FX-B-1300/8
Printing Length 200-1100mm 200-1100mm 200-1100mm
Printing Width 800mm 1100mm 1300mm
Printing Speed 10-80m/min 10-80m/min 10-80m/min
Machine Speed 10-100m/min 10-100m/min 10-100m/min
Precision of register -0.15~0.15mm -0.15~0.15mm -0.15~0.15mm
Total Power 55kw 60kw 65kw
Dimension 13000x1900x2300mm 13000x2100x2300mm 13000x2100x2300mm


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