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YT Series Six-color Flexography Printing Machine
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YTZ Series Double-color Weave Cloth Flexographic Printing Machine
YTZ Series Double-color Weave Cloth Flexographic Printing Machine

1. Application:
Introduce sensitization resin as flexible printing plate, suitable for printing such packing materials as non-woven materials, it is a kind of ideal printing equipment for supermrket hangag, vest bags and clothes bags,etc. When the printing, through anilox roller, the ink envenly coated in the raised parrterns of the printing plate, the raised patterns some ink transfer to the sbustrates.

II. Main Technical Variadles:

Size YTZ2600 YTZ2800 YTZ21000 YTZ21200 YTZ21400 YTZ21600 YTZ21800 YT22000
Printing width 580mm 780mm 980mm 1180mm 1380mm 1580mm 1780mm 1980mm
Max.web width 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm 1400mm 1600mm 1800mm 2000mm
Printed matter length


Max Mechanical Speed


Max printing Speed


Max Diameter of Roll Material

¢800mm/ ¢1000mm

(Netted stick)


(interal Diameter of Roll Core)


(Accuracy of Registration)


(Plate Thickness)

2.38mm / 4mm

(Main Motor) 1.5KW





Heating Power 18KW 21KW 24KW 27KW 30KW 33KW 36KW 40KW





Total Power 22kw 25.7kw 29.5kw 33.3kw 38.7kw 43.3kw 47.8kw 54.6kw
Weight of Machine 4.4T 4.9T 5.2T 5.5T 5.7T 5.9T 6.2T 6.5T
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H) 5.0× 1.8× 2.6m 5.0× 2.0× 2.6m 5.0× 2.2× 2.6m 5.0× 2.4× 2.6m 5.0× 2.6× 2.6m 5.0× 2.8× 2.6m 5.0× 3.0× 2.6m 5.0× 3.2× 2.6m

III. Performance and Features

1. Radiotherapy alone single receiving, the hydraulic raise-drop version
2. The machine-top shelf has equipped with air box which cold air qualitative,, air box has a wall plate to ensue uniformity of the wind.
3. Dual-channel into the dir drying, infrared heating tube, infrared heating tube group control, high pwer drying system, air and heat evenly, the drying rate significantly improved.
4. It equipped with domestic inverter, CHINT,DELIXI or the people electronic automatic counter,automatic stop when the material is cut off.
5. Automatically transported the ink when the machine stop, but the ink motor automatically stops when printing.
6. Other applicancs re used Chint , DELIXI, and the people appliance.
7. Hard aluminum oxidation, and static and dynamic balance of processing to do.
8. Embossing stick, and pull the stick materials are super hard chromium plating layer of protection, balanced, better performance and longer life
9. Gear drive with high precision helical gear drive.
10. Manual control the version.
11. The obverse and reserse can be printed continuously and synchronously
12. automatic tension control
13.Servo computer Guilding system
14. Main motor made in Taiwan.




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